Thin Blue Line - The Game

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A one of a kind, law enforcement simulation game

Learn how to play

Grab your gear 'cuz it's a riot

vice bust vice bust card
code enforcement code enforcement card
drug bust drug bust card
traffic bust traffic bust card
Start your own department
with 2-4 players
Buy a second game and
expand to 8 players
For ages that won't eat
the cards and up

Order Now! $19

Featuring a series of arrests
you just can't resist!

Collect bust cards
to get a promotion
Steal busts from
other players
Take promotions to
block other players
All busts are based on
true stories!

Run off a media frenzy
with some bullshit excuse!

Get promoted all the way
to chief, which has its own
special perks

It's the game that all the snowflakes are crying about!

"This game is awesome. Now I really understand how cops think"
"I thought this was a joke, but they really put together an awesome game!"
"I'm gonna f*%!$king sue these guys!"

All the fun of being a cop

without all the paperwork

*Assault and batteries
not included

stop resisting

start playing

Order Now! $19